The Youth Art School Rodenkirchen wants to give self-confidence to children and young persons at the age of 4 to 18 in handling all forms of art. They have the opportunity to get to know the different forms of artistic expression and artistic form; and they learn how to use them: painting, drawing, photography or for example the shaping of a sculpture. 

They can develop their artistic abilities and skills and improve their perceptive faculty  to understand artistic and cultural process.It is important  to use to motivate children and young persons to work actively and independently and to help them to find their own expression. 

The joined activities of the Youth Art School Rodenkirchen together with other institutions in Cologne can promote the environment as a place of culture and communication.

Small groups of the same age with up to 12 students make it possible to work individually and intensively.Our teachers are artists and pedagogues – most of them freelance - with Europe-wide exhibitions.

In 1999 the Artfactory was  founded.  Classes from Cologne schools who like to work experimentally have the opportunity to get involved in the „adventure of art“. They have the chance to make project weeks or study days, either in suitable classrooms or at the Youth Art School Rodenkirchen. Instructions are given by the teachers of the Youth Art School Rodenkirchen. 

In addition there are  courses offered at Lindenthaler-Atelier(studio) – GGS Freiligrathstraße 60 and GGS Bachemerstraße, at Rondorfer Atelier(studio) – Anne-Frank-Schule – Adlerstraße 10, at Druckwerkstatt(printing workshop) GGS Brüder Grimm Schule, Sürther Hauptstraße, at Werkstatt(workshop) Rosenzweigweg – GGS Rosenzweigweg. 

Youth Art School

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